Essay #2

Essay #2: Argumentation

For this second essay, I want you to identify an issue in Rollins and Bauknight’s book Food and take a position on it.  Things we discussed in class include treatment of animals, sustainable farming, organic foods, food aesthetics, and others.  Find two or more articles in Food that overlap in your topic and make an argument concerning that topic.  Your argument may be definitional, causal, or some hybrid of the two.  You may even choose one of the forms from Everything’s an Argument that we did not cover, including Argument of Fact and Proposals.  Your structure may be Toulmin, Rogerian, Classical (though not five paragraph), or again some hybrid of the three.  The main point of this essay is to make some general claim and support it using evidence from the readings and the structures from the book.  Strength of argument is not so important as ingredients and structure of argument.

Examples of topics:

  • Benefits of traditional ranching
    • “Carnivore’s Dilemma”
    • “Fear Factories”
  • Should people eat more local foods?
    • “Suburban Foraging”
    • “Carnivore’s Dilemma,”
    • “The Pleasures of Eating”
  • Is organic a worthwhile pursuit?
    • “Attention Wholefoods Shoppers,”
    • “Beyond Organic,”
    •  “Organic Foods.”
  • Are our portions too large?
  • What should kids be eating in school?

And others.


  • 1500 words, double spaced, typed, and stapled
  • Evidence and examples quoted from the source material
  • Use of at least two if not more articles from Food.
    • Material from In Defense of Food, or articles from elsewhere may be used in addition.
  • Proper MLA citation within the text and in a works cited list.
  • A generic claim supported by specific evidence
  • A specific conclusion derived from the supported generic claim
  • Clear and clean transitions between ideas and paragraphs
  • Clear use of the argumentative structures discussed in class.
  • Word count

Rough Draft (3 copies) due

Wednesday, March 20 (Sec 05 and 13)

Thursday, March 21 (Sec 09 and 28)

Final Draft Due

Wednesday, April 10 (Sec 05 and 13)

Thursday, April 11 (Sec 09 and 28)


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