Essay #1: Rhetorical Analysis

For this essay you are to look at three food advertisements. These can be radio ads, television commercials, or print ads.  You can determine how connected or disconnected you wish these advertisements to be.  After you have chosen your three advertisements, you are going to analyze each one for the three audience appeals: ethos, pathos, and logos.  Each one of these appeals will be used to various degrees in each advertisement, and it will be up to you to show how each one is used.  Finally, you must determine, from your analysis, which one of the advertisements is most effective in its appeal to you.


  • 1500 Words, typed, double-spaced, 12-pt font (Times or Arial), stapled.
  • Your thesis must address the effectiveness of each advertisement in relation to each other advertisement.
  • You must quote extensively from your ads, or discuss specific features, to illustrate how it achieves its rhetorical stance.  Don’t just tell the reader that a quote appeals to pathos, explain how and why very specifically.
    • Pathos:
      • What emotion is the ad trying to make you feel?
      • How successful is it?
    • Ethos:
      • Who is the audience?
      • What makes the ad credible or not credible?
    • Logos:
      • What logical structures, however brief, do the ads use to convince you to buy their products?
  • You may also include an analysis of logical fallacies, but must include in that analysis an argument for their being. What is the ad trying to achieve by being fallacious?
  • Scans of print ads and screen captures of television commercials are highly encouraged.  It’s easier to talk about the graphical features of an ad if you have those features on hand.
    • Pictures do not replace words.
  • Your conclusion must discuss the overall persuasive effect of the advertisements and the implications of those effects in a wider societal context.
  • Both drafts must be uploaded to or you will lose 50% of your grade.
  • Include a word count at the end of the essay.

Rough Draft (three copies) due

  • Monday, February 18 (Sec 05 and 13)
  • Tuesday, February 19 (Sec 09 and 28)

Final Draft Due

  • Monday, March 11 (Sec 05 and 13)
  • Tuesday, March 12 (Sec 09 and 28)




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5 responses to “Essay #1: Rhetorical Analysis

  1. Folasade

    So we have to print 3 different copies for the rough draft AND the final draft? Also, do we have to explain every appeal of each ad?

    • bartamian

      I believe he means bring the same draft printed three times Monday. We must be turning them in to him, working and writing on them in class possibly. I don’t THINK he means bring three different drafts Monday.

  2. Galina

    How can we turn it into

  3. Megan

    The codes/ID info is in the syllabus.

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