Welcome to a Brand New Semester of English 1B

Welcome, Students.

This is your class blog for English 1B.  This shall be a repository of information, links, assignments, and documents to help us learn this semester. The content of this class is two-fold: technical and thematic.

On the technical front we shall learn the fundamentals of argumentation, analysis, and critical reasoning.  The text I’ve chosen, Everything’s an Argument, is a great, approachable, and comprehensive resource about everything from audience appeals to avoiding plagiarism, and everything in between.

On the thematic front, we shall be talking about


We’ll talk about the aesthetics of food (look, taste, smell, texture), the politics of food, the ethics of food, the legalities of food, societal attitudes about food, and more.  We shall look at every dimension of food possible.  Food is good.  That is my thesis.  But it is also complicated, and that is something that makes our relationships to food just as complicated.  We shall dissect these complications.

Now that I’ve whetted your appetites for this class, please take some time to read through the following links.  We shall be using this information on the first day of class for an ice-breaker.

  • Coca-Cola
    • (read the articles, and follow some of the links down the Wikipedia Rabbit Hole)
  • Pepsi
    • (same directions as above)

I look forward to seeing each of you in class.

~Prof. Peter


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  1. Folasade

    Do we need to take notes?

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